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The smartest AFP system
out there

PReS Connect is packed with features that give you the flexibility and the efficiency you've always dreamed of.

Optimised output formats for fast printing

AFP & IPDS output format

PReS Connect provides full Advanced Function Presentation/Intelligent Printer Data Stream (AFP/IPDS) support to companies looking to print high volumes at very high speed.

Performance packs

PReS Connect already provides you with optimised output formats so you can print at lightning speed, but for those who need to print even faster, performance packs can be acquired to take optimal advantage of multi-core machines.

  • Secure and reliable printing
  • Super fast printing and high volume management
  • Multi-core printing server
  • 24/7 printing capabilities
  • Clustering capabilities for efficient processing of very large print jobs

Straightforward setup and support that's there for you

Professional services team

We have an experienced team in place to assist you in implementing solutions to your satisfaction.

Worldwide local support

Once everything is set-up, we make sure you have the tools to be autonomous and self-sufficient. However, should you run into some issues, we are always there, worldwide.

Data management & Automation

Build and automate your business document workflows

PReS Connect is a tool box that helps you set-up your own solution to automate every step of a communications workflow. Create, process, format, enhance, distribute and measure your personalised business communications, automatically.


The key to successful customer communications is relevance. To be relevant you need data. To access data you need PReS Connect. Access and action your existing customer data, whatever the systems or systems that hold them hostage.

  • Text, PostScript, PCL, PDF/VT input format
  • AFP input available as an option
  • Electronic and automated archiving (PDF/A or TIFF)
  • Data mapping
  • Distributed printing and Hybrid Mail
  • Sorting and Comingling
  • Integrates with virtually any ERP, CRM of financial systems

Multichannel communications

Maybe you want to do more than print fast?

Print, HTML email, SMS and web output are generated natively in PReS Connect and not converted from print to HTML. The resulting communications are infinitely more flexible and stable and every one of them is created in the same tool for increased productivity and convenience.

  • Faster turnaround
  • AFP output
  • Shorter learning curve for staff
  • Share data and content for all channels
  • Design email, web pages and print documents
  • PostScript, PCL & PPML non-optimised printing formats

Operation cost savings

Capex or Opex?

Do you prefer to pay upfront once? Maybe you prefer to subscribe and pay a smaller yearly fee? Choose the option that fits your needs.

Runs besides your systems

PReS Connect reads, combines and repackages whatever output file or stream you have so that you’re able to use the information in the format you want, in the order you want and at the moment you need it.

Optimised mailing costs

PReS Connect easily integrates with third party solutions to help presort and cleanse mailing addresses as well as grouping multiple documents to the same customer.

PReS Connect is the most flexible high volume printing solution on the market.

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