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AFP and High speed printing for everyone

Powerful & Reliable

Even if you are not a large multinational corporation, good chances are you have complex printing needs, don't you? PReS is a leading VDP software tool for designing and publishing personalised documents for both transactional and direct marketing applications.

PReS Suite has all you need

  • High printing volumes and speed

  • IPDS and AFP for complex integrity challenges.

  • Process and print automation

PReS Suite

  • VDP
  • Compare

A set of software tools

PReS Suite is a set of software tools for designing and publishing personalised documents for both transactional and direct marketing applications.

PReS Suite can then format the document for printing on any high-speed printer and for electronic distribution.

A unique approach

PReS was designed from the outset to describe the production printing and process automation tasks that are essential to successful VDP production facilities. PReS generated documents can include variable text, pictures, graphics, barcodes and merge data.

Output documents

With PReS Suite, you can publish your document as printed pages and/or as emails, web pages, PDF documents, SMS messages, XML files and faxes. Typical documents are dynamic billing statements, transactional and transpromotional documents, corporate reports, direct mail, customised insurance policies, one-to-one marketing letters, etc.


Generating revenues is all about being reactive

Turning customer data into revenues while reducing cost of transactional business communications is a real challenge these days. Over the past years the role of customer communications has been elevated as a core component to help enterprises compete on delivering better customer experiences.

PReS helps you:

  • Reduce document creation time
  • Reduce document production costs
  • Reduce postage an paper costst
  • Reduce data silos
  • Reduce response time
  • Reduce pre-printed document inventories
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce infrastructure and system costs

Be smart about AFP

PReS the best tools and the most powerful and flexible document composition language in the World.

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