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High-volume business communication management

Produce high volumes of print, emails and web pages, at high speed.

90% of our customers maintain the solution themselves

Use of Web standards

Unlike any other solution on the market where HTML and web capabilities are an afterthought, PReS Connect was built from the ground-up using the latest web technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript making it easier to learn and use by IT and tech personnel. With PReS Connect, you design all your business documents and communication with a single tool.

Built as a toolset

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want, how you want it and when you want it, but you just don't have the correct toolset to make it happen. PReS Connect is that toolbox for high-volume document creation and production. It comes with automation, workflow management, output and integrity management tool for both print and online publishing.

Technology for a new era

Create fully-personalised output natively

With PReS Connect we don't try to convert print format into HTML for your emails or web pages. They are actually built in HTML. See, at Objectif Lune, we decided to take the problem from the end so HTML comes first. That means that from the same design tool, you can generate native, responsive and good looking web documents as well as printed documents.

Toggle the communication context

Develop documents a lot faster

Design all your printed documents, web page and emails in a single tool

Similar to how content management systems work, our designer tool is able to access data stored virtually anywhere so you can use it in your email template and/or on your print template.

  • A single multilingual interface to learn.
  • Start your design from existing web pages.
  • Better consistency in your communications.
  • Access multiple data sources
  • Reuse code snippets on multiple templates.
  • Attach files to your emails.
  • Separate print and email settings configuration.
  • Share graphic resources (ex: CSS) between your designs.

Better turn-around time

Data-driven marketing

The same data is available in all contexts

Share exisiting content between all output types and use it to enhance printed communications and to compose HTML emails and landing pages.

A designer tool with consistency built-in

Improve your communications and spend less time checking for mistakes. Make changes in one place and see the changes implemented across the whole project.

Faster time to market

Get the job done quickly

Getting your promotions out there

Printing is done at high volumes and HTML output is optimised for the highest performance.

Automate a whole bunch of tasks

Set-up your processes once and let them run; create, process, format, enhance, distribute and measure your personalised business communications, automatically.

PReS Connect is the smartest high-volume printing solution out there.

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